Marco French has been on the forefront of interior architectural design for over 25 years. Earning his degree in Architecture from The University of Texas in Austin, Marco went on to study Advanced Studies of Architectural History and Design from Oxford University in England. As a former principal of a major design firm for 20 years, Marco’s skills have taken him internationally on culturally diverse projects in Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe, Egypt, and South America. Marco now leads his own boutique design firm. He places special emphasis on creating harmony between a building and its interior, the old and the new, contemporary and traditional, producing an environment that is always unique, personal, and inviting. This expertise, coupled with a natural ability to understand and visualize a client’s needs, enables him to consistently exceed expectations.

Marco French Studio believes each project is unique; it is about the experience and the individual client. Success is achieved by a combination of careful listening, understanding, and effectively communicating between a client and designer. As a boutique design firm, Marco French Studio limits the number of simultaneous projects to ensure every client is given the utmost attention. These rare qualities form the foundation of the design ethic upheld by Marco French Studio.

From full interior constructions documents and supervision, concept guidelines, or assisting full purchasing and procurement capabilities, or simply selecting accessories or organizing a new wall covering or paint color, Marco French Studio enjoys all aspects of the design process and the interaction with clients. We are confident Marco French Studio can make all of your expectations a reality.